Grant Assistance

We are fortunate to live in a generous community that cares a great deal about the education of our youth. There are many opportunities for grant support for special needs and projects, but the district does not have a dedicated grant writer.

The Foundation has an active grant writing committee that serves the needs of the district by volunteering time to seek out available grants and apply for them when needs are identified. Through this process, the Foundation developed a Homeless Student Initiative and has received two grants to help our homeless students overcome barriers to a successful education.

The Foundation has received the following grants that provide resources to homeless students to help them overcome barriers to academic success:

  • 2014 BAH Community Foundation – $2500 grant
  • 2015 Coquille Tribal Community Fund – $5000 grant

The grant writing committee is also positioned to identify potential funding sources and gather ideas from interested teachers so we can match the grant opportunities to the innovative ideas of our teachers.

Thank you


for your support!